(@AJG909) is a young diverse artist with a true passion for creating music. Born in Whittier, CA on March 23, 1992 as Angelo Joseph Garcia, he's lived in various cities throughout the Inland Empire but Rialto has always remained his home. AJG first started making home recordings and dubbing cassette tapes as early as 4 years old. At the age of 13, he started to take rapping seriously, releasing numerous mix CDs throughout the next 4 years. 2010 marked his graduation year as well as the year he released his first official mixtape "iDo This". In creating the mixtape he worked exclusively with producer Sky B which lead to their second full length effort, "Free Mason" at the end of 2011. Both mixtapes had included collaborations with BlaQ Kennedy member One-Sixxx. In 2012, AJG began work on the #DoubleCups & #SwisherBlunts mixtape and released a promo single titled "BowFlex" alongside One-Sixxx. In 2015, AJG reached out to Young Ceno & One-Sixxx to feature on his single "Sip'N Til I Feel It Pt 2" and was invited to join BlaQ Kennedy shortly after. With a long awaited mixtape in the works, AJG is looking to release plenty new music this year and put on for BlaQ Kennedy.