One Sixxx

(@OneSixxx), one of the best rappers in the Inland Empire with plans and the potential to be the greatest. One-Six was born in San Bernardino on May 17th,1991 as Brandon Walker but was raised in Riverside, CA since he was 6 years old. Watching his father play the keyboard and record music sparked his passion for music. Since the young age of 8 years old, One-Six has been writing songs not knowing that in the future his ability would be put into use for the world to hear. Brandon Walker became Hot 16 (later to be known as One-Six) in 2006 by the help of his rap group Weaponz Fam (consisting of Die-Verse, Hitman, and Chambo The Gr8). One-Six was 15 years old when he joined Weaponz Fam and was the youngest in the group. With only his raw talent and strong hope, One-Six pursued his dream as a music artist by branching off of Weaponz Fam to pursue a solo career. He began recording with one of his closest friends Will Prescott aka “Still Will” and came out with his first mixtape in 2007 “A Youngn And A Mic”. This mixtape egged him on to improve and bring his city more songs to listen to. As One Six got older his skill improved drastically. His impressive lyrics and style built his confidence high into the sky quickly putting his name out there letting everyone in Riverside know who he is and what he can do. in 2009, Still Will moved to Oakland to pursue his dream of being a heavyweight boxer, giving the studio to One Six. One Six however still pursues his dream. As this talented rapper gets older, he gets better and starts to get a feel on what he wants to be and where he wants to be. By 2012 One-Six dropped his mixtape “Promise” with the help of his partner and brother Jabre Trawick aka ProteJOntheBeat.  Within that same year they came to together and created a Collective by the name of BlaQKennedy with the goal to build a team to produce arts in the highest quality. Prepare for one of Inland Empires most elite artists One-Six and his elite Brotherhood BlaqKennedy.